DEC SERVICE - Commitment to the future

DEC SERVICE is specialized in the provision of after-sales services, ranging from remote service (through DEC.RCS™ platform) to on site services (DEC.MRO™ - maintenance, repair, and operations - scheduled and preventive maintenance), auditing, optimization, upgrade, extension and retrofitting of existing installations supplied by DEC IMPIANTI or any other vendor.

Our service center, through our centralized warehouse facility (located in Milan, Italy), is acting as a one-stop shop for all spare parts and consumables buying.

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Throughout the world, DEC SERVICE is enhancing the performance and extending the life of VOC's & HAPs treatment units: when we design and build these systems, whether it is part of our pre-engineered range or produced specifically for a customer application, we back the product with a service that starts with the order and continues throughout the life of the installation.

service, manutenzione, preventive, preventative, maintenance, setacciatura, sieving, reactivation, kiln, riattivazione

Through expert maintenance and the use of certified parts and carefully planned upgrading, that life can be surprisingly long.

We understand the unique conditions and circumstances that prevail in the wide diversity of industries in which we operate. We profoundly understand VOC & HAP treatment systems, no matter who made it or who installed it, and we will apply the same care and insight to protecting and prolonging its productive life.

Our aim is to do everything in our power to keep your plant operational and free from unscheduled stoppages. We can work alongside your own personnel, training your staff and building a partnership that lasts throughout the life of the equipment. During that time, we can carry out regular monitoring, inspection, servicing and repairs.

service, manutenzione, preventive, preventative, maintenence, setacciatura, sieving, reactivation, kiln, riattivazione

We can advise on upgrades or retrofits, and carry them out at the most convenient time. We can maintain a meticulous installation and service record, an invaluable tool in planning and ensuring the future safety and reliability of the equipment.

Every DEC SERVICE supervisor or engineer working on-site has the whole of DEC's global expertise to draw on.

DEC SERVICE is a response to your needs. We will always offer you the most cost effective, long-term and technically excellent solution to the problems of ageing plant or changing conditions.

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