International Monitoring & Production Assistance Center

For customers with DEC's solvent recovery systems, our International Monitoring and Production Assistance Center (IMPAC) provide value-added services by monitoring their plant performance and process control capabilities upon request.

service, manutenzione, preventive, preventative, maintenence, setacciatura, sieving, reactivation, kiln, riattivazione

IMPAC operates a unique and highly sophisticated computerized communications and plant control network that:

  • Enables immediate access to troubleshooting DEC.RAS™ (Remote Assistance Services);
  • Enables immediate access to DEC.SRV™ (DEC SERVICE) and on-site diagnosis (DEC.DMP™) and repair services, if needed;
  • Enables rapid response to changing conditions based upon real-time information from your plant;
  • Helps your plant run at peak operating efficiency with improved power usage and on-stream performance;
  • Links your plant to our engineers and technicians at the DEC Technology Center with DEC.HDS™ (Help Desk Services);
  • Provides a high standard in supply reliability - even if your plant is unattended or partially attended.
  • service, manutenzione, preventive, preventative, maintenance, setacciatura, sieving, reactivation, kiln, riattivazione

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